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About Counter Strike 1.6
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About Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 is a FPS genre (first-person-shooter) PC game developed for Windows OS platform (also see CS 1.6 for linux and CS 1.6 for MAC OS). CS should work on all versions of windows - 95, 98, 2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8 and other... CS 1.6 is developed by Valve Corporation and firstly defined as Half-Life mod. First version of CS 1.6 was published in 2000 and later game was remaked for other OS and console platforms. Players assume the roles of given teams: counter-terrorists (CT) and terrorists (T), team game target depends on the map. There are different types of maps: defuse (de), hostage (cs) and many of custom maps prefix, like aim, surf, etc. To win the round teams have to complete their mission, or eliminate enemies team. Success depends on skills, equipment and team organization. There are many of weapons, tricks, and other stuff, that could be helpful. Each player individually must customize their arsenal of weapons and accessories, everything can be bought in shop, which appears in buy-zone (spawn). About CS 1.6 gameplay read more below. Below you can see Counter Strike screenshots taken with CS 1.6 Cesius game client.
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CS 1.6 gameplay is primitive, like other FPS games. A player can choose between two sides: terrorists (T) and counter-terrorists (CT). Main target is to beat enemies team by eliminating them or get mission done (about missions read upper article). At the start of the round players are given a few seconds to prepare for battle (for equipment buying). To buy equipment only available on the buy zone - team spawn. Once round has ended survivors are keeping them equipment, and who were killed loses everything. Money for buying are awarding for winning round or killing an enemies.

Counter Strike 1.6 download

Counter Strike 1.6 download from is best choice for you, player! This site is up-to-date and we support latest Counter Strike 1.6 versions for windows. All the information trought the website belongs to Cesius admins. CS 1.6 download is free and doesn't requires any surveys to complete, so choosing our CS client you will save your time and money - because it takes a few seconds to download cs 1.6 for free. Follow information given in content, to know more about us, about cs 1.6 gameplay and cs download.

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Latest Counter Strike 1.6 downloads

Wallhack CS 1.6 - One of the most popular CS 1.6 cheats, allows to see trought walls.

Aimbot CS 1.6 - This cheat has a few functions, like no recoil, auto-aiming and auto-shooting.

Cheat Engine 1.6 - Package of CS cheats. Contains with speed, aim and wh hacks.

Popular Counter Strike 1.6 downloads

Counter Strike 1.6 WarZone image

CS 1.6 WarZone

CS WarZone - the most popular CS 1.6 client. Released 2013, November. This setup only takes 256MB of space and has latest CS 1.6 WarZone bots included. With bots also comes and Half-Life 1 game multiplayer version. CS warzone is connected with 48 and 47 protocol, so that means client is able to join all multiplayer CS 1.6 no steam servers. This client is able to host server by itself with Dedicated & Listen server method. Download has included interent servers list - masterserver. Works find servers, favourite servers and LAN connection. CS WarZone is fully protected from all kind of slowhack and has got clean config.cfg file with no ads or autoconnetcs - no more ads are included. Download CS 1.6 WarZone and share it with your friends - it can be used as portable client!

Counter Strike 1.6 original

CS 1.6 original

CS 1.6 original - default and not modified release of Counter Strike 1.6 (2000). This game was characterized as open source first person shooter game platform, because nowdays there are very much different releases, modifications and builds of original CS 1.6. And really, years to years this game changed a lot. But we still saved the same, old, but good CS 1.6 original! So what are you waiting for? Go and download this "father" of FPS world from our subpage.
   Our download has a new MasterServer, that means you only need to open Find Servers tab and connect to a server. If servers cannot be found please refresh the list, if list still not responding wait ~30 minutes, if still no results please contact our Counter Strike 1.6 download support, we will fix this problem. You can contact always if you need help, or your CS 1.6 download does not works correctly.

CS 1.6 non steam

CS 1.6 Non Steam - how to download?

CS 1.6 Non Steam download is the product that we are offering you to download using our website. CS 1.6 NON-STEAM is CS 1.6 Cracked game download, that means by using this game version you don't support developers of CS 1.6 and you are not owning the product for real. CS 1.6 Non Steam lets you to play on non steamed cs servers without any steam features. If you are looking CS 1.6 original download please visits STEAM site and purchase the original CS 1.6 game. To download CS 1.6 free continue with our site, just click CS 1.6 non steam download button and enjoy your CS 1.6 Non Steam free download.

CS 1.6 patches

CS 1.6 V48, V42 and V44

Counter Strike 1.6 download patches differs in client size, bug fixes, cheats availability and other updates of Counter Strike 1.6 game. Latest CS 1.6 V48 download version client package takes less place on drive, loads faster and protected from slowhacking. CS 1.6 V44 download client has protection from slowhacking and cheating also. It differs from V48 only with models and GUI styles, this patch is same as CS 1.6 V43, just has some hotfixes. CS 1.6 V42 download patch is the oldest of V4* patches. It gives less LAG (higher FPS) than other newer Counter Strike 1.6 versions, so V42 is the best choice if you have slow computer and interent connection. You can check CS 1.6 V48 if you are interesting in CS 1.6 latest version download. For other Counter Strike 1.6 download versions navigate to links and select CS 1.6 V44 download version and CS 1.6 V42 if you like old school Counter Strike 1.6 game. All CS 1.6 patches works perfect, with no lags or crashes. Enjoy your free CS 1.6 (V48, V44, V42) downloads!

cs 1.6 mac

CS 1.6 MAC

Counter Strike 1.6 become available for MAC OS about two years ago. Release was created by official developers - Valve. Later it was cracked and leaked on the internet. Now CS 1.6 MAC download can be found on every CS download site. But if you want to make sure, that CS 1.6 MAC client we recommend to download it from our site. We provide free cs servers list, shields from slowhack, and up-to-date game files. With this client you will be able to play in regular Counter Strike 1.6 servers against other player (multiplayer) and due MAC OS perfect optimization you won't feel any lag or FPS drops.


XTCS download

XTCS or also known as Counter Strike 1.6 xtreme is a CS 1.6 game modification, with new maps, textures, sounds. Modules like gore (much blood and sadistic body parts injuries) gives more colours to the game and makes it look like new. Thanks to flexible game modification possibility Counter Strike 1.6 becomes immortal. So if you are looking for something new in this shooter game, you should try to download XTCS and play it. At first look it is very simlair to CS:S, but it's the old, good CS 1.6. For more information read article about XTCS in our feed.

cs 1.6 windows 10

CS 1.6 Windows 10

Finally compatibility problems for Windows 10 were resolved and officiall release of CS 1.6 were released on steam. Now it is possible to download it for Windows 10 non steamed version. Its 100% corresponds the original game and no changes or updates were made. Unfortunately performance is the same as windows 7,8 and 8.1. Even interface has not changed. But its still has got positive ranking between Windows 10 and it is fully possible to play Counter Strike 1.6 with new OS. For good gaming experience I offer to select our CS servers.

cs 1.6 bots

CS 1.6 bots

CS 1.6 bots are singlepalyer feature to play without network connection agaist computer. The most popular bots are zbot cs 1.6. These bots are smart and load map fast. You don't need to wait hours while bots analyze the map. It only takes a few minutes. Usually command add bot - in cs 1.6 console creates one bot. To add more - repeat command few times. To download zbot for cs 1.6 you need to find it in downloads list and start your CS 1.6 bots download. When it is completed next step is to unpack all files ant paste them to your cstrike directory. That's it - bots now should work on your Counter Strike 1.6 game. In case if they are still not working we are suggesting you to download CS 1.6 with bots. This is our free CS 1.6 download with zbot included.

About US

Cstrike16NET is non-profit project based on Counter Strike 1.6 game. We are trying to create friendly CS 1.6 players community, share safe servers and connect people from whole world, who have common hobby - play CS. If you like our idea, please, share it with your friends and join our forums. We are for classic old-school gaming!
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